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April 13, 2018, by Sarah

On trial: Historical newspaper archives

We’re pleased to bring you trial access to a number of historical newspaper archives from Gale Primary Sources:


The TelegraphThe Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000
The Daily Telegraph was launched in 1855, and within 10 years was able to claim it had ‘the largest circulation in the world’, boasting world-famous writers such as George Augustus Sala. For more than 150 years it has shaped and recorded the history and democratic values of the United Kingdom. The Sunday Telegraph was launched as a sister paper in 1961, and The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000 provides users with access to both the daily and Sunday editions.


Financial TimesThe Financial Times Historical Archive
The Financial Times Historical Archive is the complete searchable facsimile run of the world’s most authoritative daily business newspaper. Every article and advertisement ever printed in the paper since 1888 can be searched and browsed. This is an essential, comprehensive and unbiased research tool for everyone studying public affairs, and economic and financial history of the last 120 years.


British Library NewspapersBritish Library Newspapers, parts III – V
British Library Newspapers contains full runs of influential national and regional newspapers representing different political and cultural segments of British society. (JISC Collections purchased parts I-II for the community)


In addition to the direct links at the top of this post, all these collections are accessible through Gale Primary Sources alongside our existing subscription content.

The trials will run until 10 May. Do let us know what you think. Please send your feedback to

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