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March 2, 2018, by Sarah

On trial: Women’s Studies Archive – Women’s Issues and Identities

We currently have trial access to the Women’s Studies Archive: Women’s Issues and Identities. The Archive focuses on the social, political, and professional achievements of women throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century.

This collection of primary sources from manuscripts, newspapers and periodicals gives insight into some of the pioneers of women’s movements. It explores the history of feminist theory and activism, the issues that have affected women and the many contributions they have made to society.

Through a variety of documents such as diaries, letters, photographs, news clippings, organizational records, and journals, topics covered include:

  • domestic culture
  • lay and ordained church women
  • women in industry
  • women’s sexuality and gender expression
  • women’s education
  • women’s health and mental health
  • women and law
  • women and the control of their bodies
  • women’s roles and interactions within society.

The trial runs until 9 April 2018. Do let us know what you think. Please send your feedback to collections@nottingham.ac.uk.

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