China core newspapers database

November 13, 2017, by Sarah

On trial: China core newspapers full-text database and AcademicFocus translated journals database

We have trial access to Chinese newspapers and academic journals, writes LRLR Senior Library Advisor Zhenxing Liu.

China core newspapers database is the 1st established newspaper full-text database in China. It collects 623 of China’s most influential and popular newspapers, including the 10 most important newspaper systems. The database extends from the year 2000 onwards, with news available 2-3 days after the paper publication.

AcademicFocus selects and translates top Chinese academic journals to assist global scholars to understand and apply the Chinese research outcomes. All these journals are the best journals in China in their disciplines, and they belong to the “Top 5” or at least “Top 10” best journals of this area. The Chinese versions of these journals are produced or supervised by some high-level institutions or departments, eg. some national Departments, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS), professional research Institution like DUNHUANG Academy China, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The translation team consists of over 1200 experts in corresponding research fields with proficiency in both English and Chinese.

The trial runs until 30th November 2017. Do let us know what you think. Please send your feedback to


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