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September 22, 2017, by Katherine Beers

Ready, Set, Go!! How to get started in libraries for new students

Welcome to all our new students! Your exciting University journey has begun and we would like to welcome in joining our library community. We’ve pulled together some helpful tips on how to get ready, set yourself up, and get going in your first weeks here at the University of Nottingham.


  • Do complete your University registration and pick up your University Card. This is your access card to get into libraries and you will need it to borrow books, book rooms, make reservations etc.
  • Do go along to any library induction talks that appear in your course timetable –  our library staff will give you lots of useful information about getting started and what you need to do next
  • Do log into Moodle and access your online reading list. If it isn’t there ask your tutor for guidance
  • Don’t worry about getting lost in the library, we are offering library tours in all libraries for the first 4 weeks –  look out for Library Ambassadors in red t-shirts who can show you around
  • Don’t be scared –  all of our library staff wear green lanyards and can help you with any library related questions
  • Don’t feel that you are alone in all of this – you aren’t! A little bit of early organisation and planning can really help…plus the library is a great place to meet up with your course colleagues and make friends


  • Search NUsearch our library discovery tool, it’s where you can search all of our library collections – from printed books, ebooks to journal articles
  • Look at our library website to answer all of your questions at any time
  • Follow us on Twitter @UoNLibraries for all kinds of useful information and updates about library services
  • Sign up to this blog and keep in touch with whats happening libraries
  • Watch our helpful videos on how to find a book, book a room, borrow a laptop, pick up a self service reservation


  • Choose where you like to study from 8 UoN libraries! We’ve plenty of options and you can use whichever suits your subject area and study needs – with quiet and group study areas and carefully selected collections to suit all our courses.
  • Plan your library time – our libraries are open for long hours, mostly 8am to 10pm during term. 24/7 starts in Hallward and Greenfield Medical in early November. Check opening times on our website for different libraries.
  • Borrow –  up to 60 books at a time, plus 2 short loans. You can read or download e-books and journals anywhere, anytime, on top of your print resources allowance.
  • Join the Your University Journey online course  for undergraduate students, or On Course for Your Masters for post graduates –  an online community, available via Moodle,  will guide you through those challenging stages of academic work. You can dip in to the online content to suit your needs, it’s a good chance to meet and share ideas with others.

If you get stuck don’t panic, the Library and IT Essentials website has a great guidance on how to get started. Don’t forget our helpful library staff are on hand to help, or you can call us on  the library helpline 0115 95 16393.


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