September 4, 2017, by Ian Kingsbury

Improving academic support and engagement

By Beth Massey (former SU Education Officer)

As my time as Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer came to an end, I was asked by Libraries, Research and Learning Resources (LRLR) to work with them on shaping a project to review their academic engagement and support.

As a department LRLR is taking a fresh look at how they engage with the academic community here at Nottingham. Having changed considerably in structure over the past few years, LRLR wants to better understand how their services and activities meet the needs and expectations of UoN academics, as well as how they can improve them, including making them more visible and accessible.  

The first step in this process is a call to all academic staff at The University of Nottingham to complete a 15 minute survey. 

Unique role

Through their services and expertise around collections and resources, teaching and research, LRLR play a unique role in supporting academic staff to realise their goals and achieve success for their students, their departments and themselves. However, if academics are unaware of, or not engaged with their services and expertise, then the potential for LRLR to support academics in these ways is reduced.

LRLR is therefore looking to review and improve how they engage with, and support academics.

Short survey for academics

As a first step LRLR commissioned a survey to capture the views of academic staff at the University of Nottingham. Data collected through this survey will build on the Professional Services Quality Survey (PSQS) and culminate in a report with a set of recommendations for how LRLR will review and improve the ways in which they engage and work with academics. The key questions that they are aiming to answer are:  

  • how do UoN academics use and perceive the library in their day-to-day lives?
  • what should the role of LRLR be in a top Russell Group university which seeks to be a leader in research-enhanced teaching?  

Taking no longer than 15 minutes to complete, the survey focuses on how academics access and use library information and services, how library information is communicated and what the general perceptions and expectations of the library are.  

Help shape the future of academic engagement with LRLR by completing this survey.

Please note, the survey closes on Friday 29 September 2017.

Further work 

Following this survey there will be a second phase of the research, which will explore options for future engagement with the academic community, via a series of semi-structured interviews. There will be an option at the end of the survey to volunteer to take part in this stage of the research.  

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