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September 1, 2016, by Radoslaw Pajor

Publishing with Springer Open Choice

Publishing open access makes your research freely available online to anyone, worldwide. Ever since October 2015 publishing open access articles in eligible Springer Open Choice journals  has been at no cost to University of Nottingham researchers.

The agreement with Springer covers all Article Processing Charges (APCs) and provides ongoing access to all subscription content in Springer journals for all members of the University. The list of eligible journals, as well as the general terms of the agreement, can be found in our previous blog post.

The correct procedure for successful publishing under the agreement involves two simple steps:

  1. Use the link to request the gold Open Access (OA) included in the email from Springer, which you should receive upon acceptance of your article.
  2. Fill in the Funding Application form, stating Springer as the publisher. The completed form, together with the Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM), should be returned to

Please note that timing is crucial. The OA under the agreement can be requested only at acceptance. Once published, the article becomes ineligible for the agreement. Article Processing Charges will then apply, and the standard procedure for applying for funds should be followed.

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