CNKI Journal Translation Project

May 26, 2016, by Sarah

Trial access to CNKI Journals Translation Project

Until the 15 June, we have trial access to the Journal Translation Project (JTP). JTP is sponsored by China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI).

The project aims to select and translate top Chinese academic journals to assist the global scholars to easily understand and apply the Chinese research outcomes. All the selected journals have high academic research quality and a long publishing history. In general, journals in this project are mainly top 5 or top10 Chinese journals in terms of Impact Factor and Total Cites.

CNKI Journal Translation Project

Currently this project includes 66 journals of Social Sciences and Humanities and 46 Science / Technology / Medicine journals. Coverage starts from 2015. This project plans to translate 200 journals with 10,000 articles in total during 2015-2017, and the total amount reach 400 journals with 20,000 articles from 2018 to 2020. Journals of general studies and with science popularization value will be given preference in the first stage of translation. The translation team consists of over 1200 experts in corresponding research fields with proficiency in both English and Chinese.


Please note that access is only available on-campus. Please send your feedback to

Zhenxing Liu, Senior Library Adviser (Collections)

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