November 5, 2015, by Rachel French

5 reasons to love Greenfield Medical Library!

Welcome to Greenfield Medical Library, otherwise known as GML!

Although we cannot compete with a cinema or a concert hall…. out of all of our 6 libraries we have the longest opening hours during the week.

Your friendly neighbourhood Library Adviser 1


There’s a piano just outside the library under an impressive winding staircase. Come and bash out a tune!

and the piano!


Lovely, relaxed learning hub area where you can eat, drink and be merry with a fresh, calming paint-scheme.

Group study space


And for the thrill-seekers we have an enclosed silent study area. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Silent Study Room 1 - yes it is as quiet and peaceful as it looks


For those with an aversion to physical exertion and/or with an aversion to lifts we are on one floor! So there’s no need to climb stairs or take a lift!

Main entrance


No, this isn’t a bed to catch 40 winks on, but rather our fully-equipped Clinical Skills Room. Patient optional.

No this isn't a bed to catch 40 winks but rather our fully-equipped Clinical Skills Room


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