October 5, 2015, by Helen Whitehead

Second year students get their own online course

Your University Journey Year 2, an online course for students transitioning into their second year at Nottingham, is now open for enrolment.

Two current open online courses (NOOCs) are still running.  Your University Journey, for new students – foundation and Year 1 on all campuses – is now reaching the end of its second week, with 1260 students to date joining in to start their careers at Nottingham.  On Course for Your Masters, with 700 students already,  is aimed at new postgraduate students and is starting its second week. Students can still enrol on both.

Now second year students can join in – Your University Journey Year 2 starts on Wednesday 7 October. It covers topics such as what is different in year 2, time management, developing your writing skills, and how to become more critical in your learning to meet the demands of your second year. The course is optional and students can, if they choose, complete activities to gain Nottingham Advantage Award credits.

Many second year students completed the first Your University Journey Year 1 last year, being introduced to the idea of becoming an independent learner, and how students can achieve this over the course of their first year study. Now in Year 2 students are asked to become independent in their thinking as well, in order to deepen their knowledge and progress their ability to learn effectively. All second-years are welcome whether they have done Your University Journey before or not.

Second year students are able to self-register on Your University Journey Year 2 on Moodle now!

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