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Meet our international and cultural societies: more countries and cultures

We look forward to welcoming our new international students at the Welcome Programme next week and during Week One. During the past week we’ve been sharing messages from some of Nottingham’s international and cultural societies here on our International Student Life blog. Today we share messages from five more societies, covering the cultures of Africa, the Caribbean, China, Pakistan, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world. You can find them all – and many more societies and sports clubs – at the Welcome Fair (22 to 24 September).

African Caribbean Society

ACS black logoWelcome International Students! Notts African and Caribbean Society is definitely one to look out for. From the finest events, to casual cookouts, sports tours and socials, we provide and build a sense of unity between our members, both empowering and educating African and Caribbean communities. We are more than just a society. Learning from each other, having fun, and most importantly, enjoying Afro-Caribbean culture.

Come and hear about the amazing events and socials we have got planned at our Meet and Greet on September 24th. It’s not to be missed! See you at the Fresher’s Fair too! Notts ACS 🙂

Check out our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages!

Chinese Students’ Society

Hi guys. Congratulations on getting your results!

The University of Nottingham Chinese Students’ Society is a fun, active society with an objective of associating Chinese students within the University and helping them to settle into university life by making friends and integrating with the UK culture.

We hold all sorts of events throughout the year including dinners, parties, and karaoke; as well as our annual Nottingham Games and Variety Show! We collaborate with other societies and organisations within UoN in order to bring you the best experience!

Stay up to date by following us on Facebook and joining our freshers group! See you soon!

Hispanic Society logo

Hispanic Society

Here at the Hispanic Society our main aim is to celebrate Hispanic culture. Whether you are a native Spanish speaker, studying Hispanics or just interested in the culture, being part of Hispanic Soc is great way to form ties with students from all over world!

We organise a range of events that can help improve the language skills of both our English and Spanish speaking members, such as Language Exchanges. Similarly, last year we had an international student from Peru provide Spanish lessons to English members; this was great for her as she was able to make a bit of extra money and brilliant for her students as they got a bit of extra tuition. The Society is also a great opportunity to meet like minded Nottingham students during our fantastically popular socials such as bar crawls, boat parties and society meals.

The Hispanic Society offers social events such as socials such as society meals and boat parties.

The Hispanic Society offers social events such as society meals and boat parties

Mexican Society

The Mexican Society is a group of friends (nationals and internationals alike) with a common passion for Mexican culture, traditions, language, food and leisure. Gathered together as one of the most compelling societies from The University of Nottingham Students’ Union, our mission is to make our best effort to deliver our members a proper Mexican student experience.

We are well known for our Mexican festivities, which we celebrate in accordance to Mexican tradition; our friendly parties and sociable ways. We also pride ourselves for promoting our delicious food through tasting events. Register and join us!

You can also follow us on Facebook.

Mexican Society

The Mexican Society having a social evening watching Mexico play at the Football World Cup 2014

Pakistan Society

Pakistan Society iconHi guys! Firstly, a big congratulations for making it into UoN. Be sure to stop by the Pakistan Society stall at fresher’s fair and sign up for it since we have lots of fun events planned for the upcoming year.

Our main is to celebrate the Pakistani way of life and make sure that you don’t miss home too much. Of course, you don’t have to be a Pakistani to join!

Here’s hoping we will see you all soon. Till then, make sure you join us on Facebook and like our page. Feel free to message us if you have any queries. Cheers!


Please check other recent entries in the International Student Life blog for more student society messages, covering countries and cultures from Africa, South East Asia and Europe. Tomorrow we will conclude the series with messages from faith, thought and belief societies, plus some other international student networks.

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