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Meet our international and cultural societies: support, thought and belief

We’ve shared messages from a variety of Nottingham’s international and cultural societies here on our International Student Life blog in the run-up to our new arrival of international students. Today we finish the series with messages from three societies focusing on faith, thought and belief, plus two other societies providing support and social activities for international students: ISSB and NUSEX.

International Students on Sutton Bonington (ISSB)

ISSB logo

ISSB aims to bring together all international students based on Sutton Bonington Campus.

We chill out together, celebrate international holidays and organise trips around the UK. We help our member settle in a new environment and find friends from all over the globe.

Most importantly, we’re here to offer advice and help you out!

Join our Facebook group or contact Alona on

Nottingham University Student Exchange (NUSEX)

NUSEX logoAre you an exchange student and want to experience and integrate into British culture whilst still celebrating your own? Are you studying a language and want to converse with a native speaker? Do you want to meet people of other cultures to learn, share and experience new ideas and ways of life?

Then NUSEX is the society for you!! We organise an array of social activities such as our welcome party, club nights, theatre nights, trips around England and language-exchange scheme to bring students from around the world together, create memories and have an incredible time abroad!

Help us build a global campus, JOIN NUSEX!! You can also connect with us on Facebook.

Islamic Society (ISoc)

ISoc logoTo all international students – congratulations on your place at The University of Nottingham and a very warm welcome from the Islamic Society!

Our primary aim as a society is to support Muslim students in all their social, academic, religious and personal endeavours; and to work alongside the SU to provide a nurturing environment that aids every aspect of their development. We welcome individuals of all faiths and non-faiths into the ISoc family, so that we may strive together in the development of mutual understanding, respect and tolerance within our community.

Find out more about us and future events on our website and Facebook page.

Nottingham University Christian Union (NUCU)

Christian Union logoKonichiwa! (Japanese) Dai ga ho! ( Cantonese) Da Jia Hao! (Mandarin) Warmest welcome from the Christian Union!

We know that it’s sometimes very difficult for international students to adapt to life in the UK, getting to know more local people or those from different countries. To help you settle into your life abroad, the Christian Union has been organising various events such as karaoke night, Christmas party, baking night etc to provide a platform for students to know more about different cultures. We are a group of really friendly people who want to get to know you and your culture, as well as share our experience in Nottingham and introduce Jesus to all of you! Don’t think we are boring people! Christians can still have fun!

Visit our website and CU Facebook page. More importantly,please join our Facebook group for international students so that we can keep you updated for any events coming up!

The Christian Union organises fun activities such as games, cookery and dancing

The Christian Union organises fun activities such as games, cookery and dancing

University of Nottingham Agnostics, Secularists and Humanists Society (UNASH)

UNASH logoDo you consider yourself an atheist, freethinker, skeptic and/or any of the labels in our title? If so UNASH is the society for you.

Our members take part in a variety of activities such as external speaker events, discussion sessions, rationality workshops, debates, secular charity fundraising, campaigning and of course socials. We don’t just sit around congratulating ourselves on having realised that religion and similar beliefs are misguided: we ask the question ‘what next?’

We are a growing society with big plans for the coming year so get in on the action and join us! Find out more at the UNASH website. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

University of Nottingham Agnostics, Secularists and Humanists Society (UNASH) at the Welcome Fair

University of Nottingham Agnostics, Secularists and Humanists Society (UNASH) at the Welcome Fair

You can find more messages from international and cultural student societies in our recent posts on the  International Student Life blog, and browse the Students’ Union website for the full selection of societies and sports clubs.

Come to the Welcome Fair during 22-24 September to meet members of the many societies and sports clubs, as well as other student organisations and local businesses. You can also meet members of Nottingham’s faith, thought and belief societies (including ISoc, NUCU and UNASH) at the Reflection Cafe events on 18 September (during our international Welcome Programme) or 25 September during Week One.

If your hobby, interest, country or faith isn’t already represented by any of the existing societies, you could consider starting a new society!

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