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Meet our international and cultural societies: African cultures

Student life is about much more than just studying, and joining student societies is an excellent way to enhance your student experience. The University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union offers over 200 societies and over 70 sports clubs, with opportunities to start your own society or sports club too. You can meet members of of the full range of societies at the Welcome Fair (22 to 24 September) during the Students’ Union’s Week One activities.

Among the many societies available, there are over 50 that represent countries and cultures of the world or faiths, thought and beliefs, and we are presenting a selection of welcome messages from these societies over the next two weeks. Today’s messages come from some of the societies related to African countries and cultures, but check our blog soon for Asian, European and Latin American cultural societies, plus religious societies and other international networks. If you want to find out more about a society, please use the links below, contact the society directly, or look for them at the Welcome Fair.

African Caribbean Society

For a message from the African and Caribbean Society, see our blog post on societies for more countries and cultures.

Africultural Society

Africultural Society logoHello Everyone! Welcome to another school year and a special welcome to our Freshers!

It’s going to be a year of trying to get through the ups and downs of university and luckily for you The University of Nottingham has the very interesting Africultural Society which makes the process a lot easier. The society organizes various exciting events throughout the year such as career workshops, a charity run, different football matches against other societies, a meet and greet, African themed parties and a pageant!

People from the vast and rich cultures of Africa are especially welcome to join the society as we cater to bring the beauty of Africa right to you in Nottingham! Join the Africultural Society and join the fun. We wish you all a successful school year! Cheers!

The Ghanaian Students Society

The Ghanaian Students Society

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on the society!

Ghanaian Students Society

Ghana Our Beloved Country

We know your feelings as you are leaving Ghana and your homes. The thought of what awaits you in Obimanso/Aburokyire; food, friends, culture, etc.

Worry not and cheer up: the Ghanaian Society is awaiting your arrival to welcome you into the big family. Nottingham University is surely a home away from home for us.

Can’t wait to see you join the family. Akwaaba!!! Waizooo!!!! Amaraba!!!! De Zaamen!!! Sanda zua!!!

Mauritian Society

Hi everybody! We would like to introduce the Mauritian Society, a multicultural society where you can meet and make new friends.

Our rich cultural background will fascinate you and also enable you to enable you to feel at home far from the little island that we love.

Our society welcomes everyone that wants to discover this country found in the Indian Ocean. Don’t hesitate to join! See you soon!

Sudanese Nile Society

The Sudanese Nile Society greets and welcomes you all. Alsalam Alaikom.

Our society has managed to build a strong social network similar to the one we have back home. We have weekly gatherings to play football, we organise greetings and farewells for newcomers and leaving members, we organise group trips around UK, we prepare and share Iftars in Ramadan, and we celebrate the Eids (Sudanese sTyLe). We also organise exhibitions to introduce our culture to the global community.

Our strong connections with the Sudanese Alumni grants you access to all types of academic and welfare advice and support.You won’t get lost with us around.

We look forward to meet you. You can also join our Facebook group.

The Sudanese Nile Society enjoying British weather at Wollaton Park in Nottingham

The Sudanese Nile Society enjoying the winter weather at Wollaton Hall and Park in Nottingham

Please check our blog in the next few days for more student society messages. If you are on the committee for an international, cultural or religious society and would like to provide a message for this blog, please contact us to provide your text and images.

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