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Meet our international and cultural societies: South East Asian cultures

Nottingham’s many student societies and sports clubs are getting ready to welcome a new intake of students, and we are sharing messages from a selection of the international and cultural societies here on our International Student Life blog. Yesterday’s blog post covered some of our African cultural societies. Today we introduce societies covering some of the countries and cultures of South East Asia. Look out for them (and any other societies and sports clubs) at the Welcome Fair (22 to 24 September).

BruNotts Society

We are a close-knit community comprising mostly of Bruneian students studying in Nottingham. Brunei, full of culture and diversity, is a monarchy situated on the island of Borneo in South-East Asia.

We like to provide members with a piece of home now and again as we hold events ‘Bruneian style’ (i.e. lots of food and good company) that range from religious celebrations such as Eid to sporting events that aim to bring together Bruneian students from all over UK at our annual BruNotts Easter Games. We believe that these get-togethers are the perfect remedy to cure homesickness as we strive to achieve our aim, which is to maintain and constantly improve the well-being and happiness of our beloved members. Please feel free to join our society, the more the merrier!

Please see the BruNotts Society website for more information, or find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

A collage of photos from the BruNotts Society, which won second place in the British High Commission's Digital Scrapbook Competition

A photo-collage from the BruNotts Society which won second place in the British High Commission’s 2014 Digital Scrapbook Competition

Malaysian Society

Nottingham Malaysian Society (NMS) is one of the largest and most established societies under The University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union with around 400 members, aiming to preserve a slice of the Malaysian experience for our fellow Malaysians and to introduce our diverse, vibrant culture to both local and international students at the University.

Our flagship event – the Nottingham Malaysian Games – has become the de facto Malaysian event of the year in the UK, with the 29th Games attracting over 5000 people from over 70 universities. Many students make the trip to Nottingham as an all-in-one opportunity to catch up with old friends, enjoy a great day of sports and taste some food from home at our Malaysian Food Festival.

With events ranging from sporting competitions, parties, games and food tastings, we strive to ensure the richest variety of activities possible for members – a little piece of Malaysia over 14,000 kilometres away from our Southeast Asian home.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any queries about our Malaysian Society, or if you simply want to leave some feedback, do check out our Facebook group.

A flag-bearer and mascot at the Nottingham Malaysian Games, hosted by the Malaysian Society

A flag-bearer and mascot at the Nottingham Malaysian Games, hosted by the Malaysian Society

Singapore Society

Singapore Society logo

Hey there! We are the UoN Singapore Society!

Set up to provide a support network for Singaporean students in Nottingham (and really, anyone interested in Singaporean culture), we organise regular gatherings, day trips to various UK cities and attractions, reunion dinners and many other exciting activities for our members. Here are 2 events you can look forward to in the coming months: (1) the annual Nottingham Winter Games which bring together Singaporeans from all over the UK to interact and bond over sports and games; and (2) our very own inaugural society ski trip in the French Alps during winter!

Anyone is welcome to join our society! For more information, visit our website and we really hope to see you soon! 🙂

Thai Society

Sawasdee Kub!

As one of the largest Thai Society in England, our main agenda is to gather as much of Thai students in Nottingham and provide the feeling of being home and a sense of the community for them.

The society is also open to the non-Thai individuals who want to join the society. The society will provide a broad-based description of Thai culture and society. So this is a chance for you guys to learn and get to know this small country which known as “the land of smiles”.

You can also follow us on Facebook.

Please check our blog in the next few days for more student society messages. If you are on the committee for an international, cultural or religious society and would like to provide a message for this blog, please contact us to provide your text and images.

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