September 8, 2014, by International students

Meet our international and cultural societies: European cultures

Continuing our series of messages from international and cultural societies at The University of Nottingham, today we are sharing messages from a few societies connected with European countries and cultures. There are many more student societies and sports clubs to discover.

Lithuanian Society

Hey, have you heard of Lithuania? It is a small country in the Eastern Europe (Northern according to Wikipedia) with a gorgeous countryside, Baltic Sea and the most beautiful women in the world. We are very friendly, very funny and very active.

We guarantee to have activities for all sorts of people: cooking together and having dinner nights (we love cepelinai), watching films together, playing basketball with other universities across the UK (basketball is our national religion), celebrating all national events (such as Independence Day) and having best parties almost every weekend! We are not just a society: we are a huge group of great friends!

You can also join our Facebook group!

Last year the Lithuanian Society organised a basketball tournament

Last year the Lithuanian Society organised a basketball tournament

Nordic Society

Hej! We are the Nordic Soc, and we like to have fun in the Nordic way!

We aim to provide a forum for both Nordic and non-Nordic people who are interested in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Faroe Islands. We are looking for you that seeks to meet and share experiences, language and culture, or if you just want to have a good time with our happy gang. We organise different events throughout the year, such as ice-skating, Abba nights, Absolute Meatballs-parties and chilled evenings with movies and snacks. Come and join us to get a taste of the Nordic life here in Nottingham!

Find us on Facebook or at the Freshers’ fair.

The Nordic Society, celebrating Nordic culture together

Students from the Nordic Soc celebrating Norwegian National Day and enjoying the 2014 Winter Olympics

Romanian Society

Our society brings together all Romanian students and it is for everyone interested in Romania, Romanian culture and language regardless of the country of origin or affiliations. The society’s main purpose is the promotion of the image and spirit of Romania in the United Kingdom in general and in the Nottingham area in particular. The Romanian Society has offered students a taste of Romanian culture through film screenings, traditional events (such as Martisor, National Day of Romania) and other socials.

Our events are open to all society members and non-members, visitors and the curious are welcomed! The motto of the society is: “Sharing the Romanian culture among Nottingham students!”

You can follow us on Facebook, join our Facebook group and watch our videos at YouTube.

The Romanian Society enjoying life at Nottingham

The Romanian Society enjoying life at Nottingham

Slovak and Czech Society

Hello and welcome to Slovak and Czech Society here at Nottingham!

We aim primarily to unite and serve as a base for Slovak and Czech students at the University, as well as to represent our two beautiful countries far from home. However, we are an open, friendly community and people of all nationalities and backgrounds are very welcome to join us. This year we have already some exciting plans, including a trip to London (and the Czechoslovak restaurant), theme nights such as Halloween, and many more!

Join also our Facebook group. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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