In Formation: Reading Group on the Kilburn Manifesto

Hi All, I’m forwarding a message from Professor Stephen Legg over in Geography who, with others, is organising a reading group in response to the ‘Kilburn Manifesto‘ you may have seen mentioned in the Guardian. It’s a timely and much-needed attempt to think through and take seriously alternatives to the neoliberal consensus that is allowing …

CCT Visiting Speaker Series: Peter Hallward, ‘The Dictatorship of the People’, Wednesday 24 April 17:00 in Trent B40

“The will of the people involves collective action and direct participation. A democratic political will depends on the power and practice of inclusive assembly, the power to sustain a common commitment.” – Peter Hallward, The Will of the People¹

The Study Sessions: From Animism to the Internet

A new reading group exploring debates within the philosophy of technology is starting at the Nottingham Contemporary, from 08 May to 26 June. Find out more and sign up here.

Professor Jodi Dean Study Day :: 21/03/2013

In recent years, big claims have been made about the political potential of new media and social networking, from Obama’s use of Facebook in his 2008 election campaign to the alleged role of smartphones in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. We hear constantly about the ‘digital revolution’ and the ‘democratizing’ effects it can have. But can …