May 26, 2014, by criticalmoment

Seminar: ‘The Line, The Symbol and Lacan’

You are all cordially invited to this seminar which will be led by Associate Professor Matthew Del Nevo who is senior lecturer in philosophy at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia. It will take place in room A46 of the Trent Building, 5-7, on Thursday the 26th of June. It will be relevant to staff and postgraduate students with a general interest in the relationship between psychoanalysis and philosophy as well as in its place within the broader history of ideas. Matthew describes what he want to do with the seminar this way:

“The line is a metaphor from Plato’s Republic. The presentation will work through this metaphor, relate the theory of the unconscious and a theory of the symbol to it (Cassirer, Elliot R. Wolfson), and then locate Lacan within this overall cultural sensibility.  This seminar aims to shed a light on Lacan in which he is not usually (or never) seen, but which Lacan himself would have been very well aware of.”

I very much hope to see you at what should be a stimulating event.

Colin Wright

Co-Director of the Centre for Critical Theory


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