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A Student’s Experience: From American and English Studies to Football…

Emma Branston came to Nottingham to study American Studies and English as a first year in 2014. Here she reflects on some of her experiences so far…

From the green campus to the encouraging and helpful staff, Nottingham provides the perfect environment for studying. The joint honours degree programme of American Studies and English has allowed me to study two separate subjects in depth and at the same time, as well as providing me with a wider understanding of both cultures. As the lead department, American and Canadian Studies provides rich, intriguing content and has helped me grow academically as an independent learner. The flexibility of the course allows for self-directed learning as you have a say in the modules you would like to take.

The department also offers students the opportunity to experience a year abroad in North America. I look forward to developing my skills and understanding next year whilst being immersed in the culture I have studied.


                                              Members of the University Women’s Football team on the pitch

Not only this, but the University offers many opportunities to develop your own interests. I am on the editing committee for a student-led magazine and a member of the University’s Women’s Football team. The societies you can join are an extremely fun part of life at Nottingham and help you to fully integrate into the University.

Emma Branston, American Studies and English, 2nd Year

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