Fencing match

February 21, 2021, by Sean May


February is LGBT+ History Month and you may have noticed the rainbow flag flying at both ‘Main’ buildings on our SB and UP campuses. 

We have had some comments that they are flying differently (violet on top at SB and red on top at UP – see below). Flying differently‘ is very much a feature of LGBT+ HM, and as you might hope – there is no ‘right way up’ for the rainbow flag – So all is good.

For the remaining list of HM events, please look here – particularly for details and guidance on the Sutton Bonington LGBT Craftivism Event for Everyone. 

Further on that (rainbow) note –  if you are part of a UoN SB sports club (student or staff) and would like some (free) official Stonewall rainbow laces as a club or an individual, please get in touch for when teams / clubs can actually meet again.

We chose a stock of the standard rainbow laces, but Stonewall also do separate trans, bi, non-binary, lesbian, ace and pan colours (and if you are not sure what all those terms mean – learn here).

Lastly, for History Month we can end with a little history – supplied here from Historic England’s site with a list of 10 buildings with special LGBT historic connections. One of which hosted the foil fencing match featured in the above oil painting by Charles Jean Robineau between Chevalier de Saint-Georges and La chevalière D’Eon  – April 9, 1787. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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