A map of accessible parking spots on SB

February 16, 2023, by Sean May

Accessible Parking and Carers Parking on Sutton Bonington Campus

Accessible spaces 

There are over 20 accessible parking spots on our campus, well distributed all the way from the North to South Accommodation Blocks, and west to east from the Sport Centre to the Farm Office.

A recent walkabout allowed a mapping of all these spots by standing in the ‘eye’ of the large yellow icon and saving the What3words location (GPS accurate to 15ft).

One accessible parking space between the glasshouses and BABS turned out to be Park.Phones.Theory – does that count as nominative determinism?

3 word address Label
https://what3words.com/inflates.allies.chest APHA
https://what3words.com/ballparks.appealed.glosses Farm Office
https://what3words.com/exclaim.absorbing.breaches Farm Office
https://what3words.com/little.octagon.capers Glasshouse Carpark
https://what3words.com/park.phones.theory Glasshouse Carpark
https://what3words.com/fingertip.seagull.foreheads Hounsfield
https://what3words.com/spearing.soonest.enabling Mulberry
https://what3words.com/tens.protected.biked Mulberry
https://what3words.com/frail.grins.choppers North Accomodation
https://what3words.com/parading.sentences.testing North Accomodation
https://what3words.com/submerge.kettles.waged North Lab
https://what3words.com/butchers.pencils.rinsed Reception
https://what3words.com/called.bloomers.aviators Reception
https://what3words.com/beaks.forge.profited South Accommodation
https://what3words.com/lions.culminate.cheaper South Accommodation
https://what3words.com/rinsed.bike.footpath South Accommodation
https://what3words.com/holiday.downfield.duke Sport Centre
https://what3words.com/wrist.grocers.umpires Sport Centre
https://what3words.com/clustered.twins.tenders The Barn
https://what3words.com/drew.bronzer.barrel Vet School
https://what3words.com/jogged.presented.removing Vet School
https://what3words.com/newsreel.misty.rules Vet School
https://what3words.com/porridge.puncture.bells Vet School
Accessible Perking @ SB

Appropriately, one of our northern accessible parking spots is https://park.phones.theory

A W3w list of all these spaces should be accessible here

Carer’s Parking Spaces

Carer's parking near the library

North Lab Carer’s parking.

Glasshouse Car Park Carer's spaces

Glasshouse Car Park Carer’s spaces.

Some of you will have noticed the spaces that allow parking only after 9:15. There used to be some between the Lecture Block and Plant Sciences, but these were relocated. We now have four spaces north of BABS (west of the glasshouses), and a couple more by the Library.

These are intended for people who have morning caring responsibilities that delay their arrival – please be considerate.

We now have lots more parking spaces at the north of our campus, the ones between the Boiler House and the glasshouses are particularly nice (and allow for a sneaky exit – which you might not have seen before).

In the unlikely event that these are all full – you can always visit the north-east of our campus and park by the farm exit.

One last comment, if (like me) you are looking to lose weight, or calm your brain at either end of the day (and don’t have mobility issues) – parking as far away as you can from where you are going is good exercise and you get to walk past some attractive and interesting parts of our beautiful campus – I believe the Japanese call it shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing).

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