Union Flag and Pride rainbow flag flying over the Sutton Bonington Campus

June 4, 2022, by Sean May

Jubilee Pride

Hopefully you are enjoying the Platinum Jubilee on this long luxurious (and possibly restful) weekend.

With all the flags and bunting around, you may not have noticed the Union Flag flying on Sutton Bonington Campus to celebrate 70 years of the Queen’s reign.

On the main flagpole at the front of campus we are also flying the Pride Flag – because this month simultaneously recognises 50 years of Pride in the UK (a golden anniversary).

Would you like to know the meaning of Pride? Why is there an association of rainbows with LGBTQIA+ identities? What do the individual letters in that alphabet soup stand for (and why do a few folk like to use the alternative acronym QUILTBAG)? Read on…

Future Learn (to which the UoN is an online learning partner) have released an introductory blog for Pride 2022 providing a guide to terminology and including a useful history to UK Black Pride.

There is also a detailed ‘Fun With Flags’ detailing the LGBTQIA+ spectrum of standards (including the progress flag being flown at UP this pride – which we at SB should probably buy and fly going forwards).

If you want to jump to more at Future Learn:

Enjoy the celebrations and don’t eat too much (unless you want to).


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