September 22, 2020, by Sean May

Biosciences BAME Tutor and BAME Staff Network

In the third of our Discussing What Matters 2020 video series, Ranjan Swarup (Biosciences BAME Tutor) introduces himself and the role.

Staff readers might also like to consider joining the UoN BAME staff network:

The aims of the network are to:

  • Provide a forum for BAME staff to network and discuss issues of specific interest or concern.
  • Provide professional support and information about individual issues and how they may be raised.
  • Act as a voice for BAME staff, a source of consultation, and a means of communicating with the University about BAME issues in relation to University policies and practices.
  • Assist with policy development on BAME issues by providing advice and feedback to Human Resources and other relevant University committees.
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