April 21, 2016, by Dushy

Revision fuel


Following on from my previous blog about what to listen to when revising, we now turn to the next complication when studying: what to eat?!

Many people have told us that we need to eat right in order to fuel our brain to keep working, but what does this actually mean?


Eat like a rabbit?

Nuts are a good source of energy for our body so it will keep our brains going through those long hours. It is also important to make sure our body still gains the right amount of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Reality check: after 6 hours in the library do we really want to be turning to a chocolate covered peanut? No, we just want chocolate!

The rabbit may be cute, but the carrot is not!

The rabbit may be cute, but the carrot is not!


Chocolate, sweets, crisps = heaven

These little treats keep us going even during the darkest times. You may even become so desperate as to spread jelly babies across your notes to act as an incentive to read through them (we’ve all done it before!). Also I did read somewhere that chocolate makes you smarter (I can dream can’t I?).

However with graduation just round the corner, we need to keep in mind we still have a dress we need to fit in to!


Bulk cooking

If you’re pushed for time during exam week or the revision period, bulk cooking on the Sunday beforehand may be a lifesaver. It may take 3 hours to do so, but take your revision to the kitchen with you and become the multi-tasker that you are. Although for me pasta 2 days in a row is more than enough.


housewife cooking with ladle and cookbook


This new amazing app just started this year and has transformed the lives and appetites of students across the country. As a student having food delivered to our door from our favourite restaurants, it’s like Christmas coming early, thank you Deliveroo! No more taking risks on the dodgy take away places; you can now dine with fancy food from the comfort of your own sofa.

Just keep an eye on your bank balance as ordering for one can become quite expensive!


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