April 22, 2016, by Olivia

Slovenia: 8 Reasons You Should Visit

With my last Easter holiday break having come and gone, I thought it was wise that I took a break from revision to travel to a new country. I headed to the sunny side of the Alps a.k.a Slovenia. Don’t know where it is? Neither did I until I booked this holiday. It’s a small country nestled between Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Austria. The no. 1 question I was asked by relatives and friends before embarking on this holiday was “Why Slovenia?”.

Fret not my friends, I am here to tell you. I picked 8 reasons as to why you should visit Slovenia.

1. Natural sights unlike anywhere else

lake bled, slovenia
From the stunning Lake Bled & Bled Island to the Vintgar Gorge and the emerald waters of the Radovna River.

vinegar gorge, slovenia

2. Everyone is so nice!

free champagne

Smiling because, free champagne. 🙂

Seeing as both my travel buddy and I did not speak a word of Slovene, everyone was incredibly accommodating to us and willing to speak English. There was even a miscommunication which led to us riding the bus for free and a restaurant closure which somehow led to free champagne?

3. The Alps – Julian Alps

mt triglav, slovenia

slovenian flag
This country truly had all the sights from mountain regions to coastal towns. The Julian Alps is one of the treasures of Slovenia with the highest point; Mount Triglav (three peaks) being featured on their national flag.

4. The Coast – Piran

piran, slovenia
Although Slovenia only has a coastline of less than 50km we didn’t turn down the chance to visit and were lucky to spend a day in the coastal town of Piran where the sun was blazing and the blue waters of the Adriatic sea glistening.

5. The Capital – Ljubljana

ljubljana, slovenia
Although much smaller than most capitals I have been to, (about 30 minutes end to end) it certainly did not lack excitement. The locals were friendly, bars were full of life and low prices.

6. It is student-friendly

By student-friendly, I mean wallet-friendly. Accommodation was affordable and dinner rarely ever cost us more than 10 euros each. Then there were the attractions which were either free to enter or cost next to nothing.

7. It is super safe

triglav national park, slovenia
Two girls traveling alone in Europe was definitely not my parents’ idea of safe. However this was  quite the opposite, as people were friendly and would help us even if looked a little lost. Everyone was so relaxed, be it the town centre where locals left their bikes unlocked while they popped in for a pint or even hikers helping us when we got a little lost in the forest of the National Park.

8. The food, glorious food
Now this wouldn’t be a post from me without some mention of food right? While I wasn’t a huge fan of traditional Slovenian desserts such as the kremna rezina (cream cake) and prekmurska gibanica,

Traditional Bled cream cake.

Traditional Bled cream cake shown on the left of this picture.

I definitely enjoyed the food from soul-warming goulashes to their fresher than fresh seafood.

grilled squids

Now, for those of you who asked me why Slovenia, this is why! Also would the tourism board of Slovenia please hire me? Haha.

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