April 20, 2016, by Emma

Escaping The Procrastination Station

It’s that time of year again. Close enough to exams to feel like you should be doing work, but not quite close enough to be driven by panic to actually do the work. So instead you spend hours doing Buzzfeed quizzes on which season of Friends it is based on Monica’s kitchen. Or wondering what Peter Andre’s up to nowadays and ending up rewatching Mysterious Girl for the fifth time. Or reading every Student Life blog…or writing a Student Life Blog….
Obviously I can’t promise you all the answers but here’s my advice on how to get out of the procrastination station and hop on board the train to success! (And yes, I am aware of how cheesy and ridiculous that sounds, deal with it.)

Set Goals

So you decide you’ll work for 3 hours. And you do. Sort of. You sit in front of your computer screen with the essay open for three hours. But somehow only about 100 words come out of it. What I propose to you instead is to set goals based on the work you’re actually doing, e.g. write 500 words or write notes for 3 lectures. This way you’re way more motivated to get it done because once you’ve met your goal you’re free!

Plan Ahead

And by this I don’t mean spend 45 minutes planning a revision schedule you’re never gonna stick to. Plan things to do after your revision, as a reward, such meeting up with friends. This way you’re forced to get the work done before you go out, and only let yourself do your reward if you finish the work!

Make the procrastination work for you 

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! When I’m trying to work, everything and anything seems more interesting than the work I’m doing. And so weirdly, I often get a lot of things done during revision times! If you really can’t get yourself to focus on work, spend your time doing important things, even if they aren’t quite as important as the work. Apply for internships, tidy your room, ring your dentist! At least this way you’re still being productive even if you aren’t working!


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