April 20, 2016, by Joe

Nottingham Pride

I don’t know if it’s the fact I’ve been away for a month and distance has made my heart grow fond but I am feeling particularly patriotic about my university this week. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had a deeply routed sense of superiority about Nottingham when speaking to friends from other uni’s, not in an arrogant way, just in the “you know I’m right” way. Okay that may actually be the arrogant way. But I’m sure you’ll all agree I am right. I honestly do however think it is a great privilege to go to such an outstanding university and something I am immensely proud of, so much so that despite only having owned a Hockey Sports team Hoodie for 1 year, I probably need a new one next year due to how worn my current one is.

With Varsity just around the corner I don’t think this spell of university pride will subside any time soon. To any 1st years that have yet to experience the tension and team spirit that any 1 of the 31 available events provide this year. Apart from the big three (Football, Ice Hockey and Basketball) that are all fantastic, I can also recommend, from personal experience Hockey and American Football, both are really intense events that are well worth going to see. Engaging in a friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) bit of inter-university mickey taking is always encouraged at these events and some of the chants sung at these events would put the best rappers and poets to shame in the elegance of their lyrics and the rudeness of their content. If for some ludicrous reason you haven’t bought tickets for this yearly phenomenon then i’ve included a link at the bottom of the post to the SU website where you can browse the events to your heart’s content. Also just to clarify whilst this is a shameless plug for a great event, this is all my personal opinion and i promise i am not earning a special commission for this promotion.


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