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My Nottingham food bucket list

As a student, I admit I have gone out to eat A LOT (student budget say what?). Over the past couple of years so many new restaurants have popped up all over Nottingham and I just can’t keep up with all these new changes. This has made me start a bucket list of places I must try before I leave.


  • Zaap (Thai) – accomplished (more than once!)

I was never a fan of Thai food, but having seen photos from friends of Zaap’s I thought I better go try it for the atmosphere. To anyone who loves Thai food you have to go to this restaurant, as soon as you walk in the smell of all the spices just hits you right in the face (like a Thai boxer). You can dine in Tuk Tuks and have a photo at passport control. I loved this place so much I went twice in one week and it was so cheap!


Visit number 1

Visit number

Visit number 2

Visit number 2












  • Annies Burger Shack – devoured

Annie’s has been a place where every student has been told to go to. So I decided to go with my friends, however we didn’t know where it actually was. A little tip: use google maps and don’t improvise! Anyway back to the burgers, there are so many to choose from but definitely worth it along side a peach slushie, oh and curly fries!



  • Spanky Van Dykes – conquered

This was recommended to me by a friend of mine as “a quirky place to eat but really good food”. So I took my sister there to try it out with me. Now we’re not the “quirkiest” people you’ll ever meet, so the ambiance wasn’t really for us. However, the food was just amazing!! Order the onion rings and your life will be complete.


Best fried chicken I've ever had (sorry KFC)

Best fried chicken I’ve ever had (sorry KFC)

These onion rings made me happy

These onion rings made me happy













  • Hooters – yet to be defeated

Now I don’t want to go there for the girls, but mainly for the unlimited chicken wings on a Monday. My housemate is a pretty regular customer there, so all the snapchats she has sent me of each chicken round has won me over to try the place out.


Photo credit to my housemate I guess

Photo credit to my housemate I guess


  • Heavenly Desserts – yet to be found

Nottingham has one main category missing, a dessert parlour. But fear not, word on the grape vine is that the famous dessert parlour in Derby is coming to Nottingham! Although when is it happening, we still do not know. Do not worry, I am checking their Instagram regularly to see updates!


I need answers!!

I need answers!!

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