March 10, 2016, by Emma

Alternative Nights Out In Notts

Ever since I wrote my last blog post about surviving university as an introvert I’ve been innundated with messages about what activities there are available for introverts in Nottingham. Just kidding, I’ve had none. But I did think that maybe poor ol’ introverted fresher me might have benefitted from some ideas for some slighty tamer/ alcohol free ways/ still really fun and exciting ways to socialise and so if you’re a bit like me, and nSkylight_Hopefully_Final_12_3eed a whole day to work up the courage to go on a night out, you might benefit from this list too!

Go to the theatre

We’re lucky enough to not only have two theatres in our city centre (Nottingham Playhouse is particularly good if you keep an eye out for their students nights, £10 a ticket plus a cocktail- bargain!) but we also have a really rather fantastic student run theatre! I’ve seen a couple of plays at the New Theatre this year, and they’re always super affordable and really good. They have something for everyone, whether you like comedy, history or tradgedy, and personally, I think it’d make a great date night! Their latest production is Skylight about a maths teacher who is confronted by an old flame and features a live cooking of spaghetti bolognaise! They’re performing this week so get your tickets quick!
(Visit their website for a much better synopsis)

Go Trampolining!

Planet Bounce is a new trampolining place that has opened up in the city centre, and whilst I haven’t been there yet, I can’t imagine anything that could be bad about a place that is literally filled with trampolines. They also have hoops if you fancy playing some trampoline basketball!

Escape Rooms

We have several escape rooms in Nottingham and I am desperate to go! If you’ve never heard of an escape room before, you’re basically locked in a mystery room and you have an hour to solve the puzzles in the room in order to escape. If you’re really into video games this is right up your street as it’s basically like being inside a real life video game. Although if you’re claustrophobic maybe give this one a miss.

Kitty Cafe

Trampolining and escaping from locked rooms still a little too stressful for you? Head down to the kitty cafe just off of market square. What’s kitty cafe I hear you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like; a cafe filled with cats. What more could you ask for? Cake and cats in the same room. You might need to bring a friend to pinch you just in case you think you’re dreaming.

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