March 10, 2016, by Gemma Coleman

SU Elections.. What’s the big deal?

You’ve probably all seen the colourful banners draped around unsuspecting University Park trees. The catchy campaign slogans. The swarm of people trying to talk to you about policies and maybe slip you a cheeky piece of chocolate or photobomb the Crisis photo booth.

It’s campaign week for the Student Union elections and as we reach the end of this busy period for candidates, I caught up with Beth Massey, candidate for Education Officer, and Abel Hartman, candidate for Community Officer, to get their thoughts and insights to the elections.

Watch out you don't get clotheslined in Portland

Watch out you don’t get clotheslined in Portland

For those who don’t know, what actually are the Student Union elections?

Abel: The SU elections are the process by which the 7 part-time officers and the 7 full-time officers get chosen that will represent the students in the next academic year.


So what is the importance of these elections for students? Why should they vote? 

Beth: Students should vote in these elections because they are the chance for students to have a say in their university experience by deciding who runs many of their day-to-day activities.

Abel: They matter because they are a direct means by which students can get their voices heard if they want to see changes in their university experience.


It must have been a long week for you both! What’s the hardest thing about campaigning?

Abel: It is very non-stop. There’s little time to get rest and when you do, there’s always something else you could be doing instead of sleeping!

Beth: It’s relentless. It’s constant from the day you decide to run until results’ night. At the end of the day, every single candidate thinks they’d do a great job and wants to win and they want people to think that too. It’s really important to them, which is why they come to your dinners, pursue you outside Hallward and in Portland. Please don’t get annoyed with them. They just want to care about your student experience!


Why did you personally decide to run?

Beth: I’m really passionate about students having a say in their own degrees and university experience. I’ve been involved in the education side of the Students’ Union, the Education Network, since the beginning of my first year and I’ve seen how receptive the university can be to its students. I want to help all of our students to find their voices and have a say in their degrees.

Abel: Nottingham has become a home away from home for me, and I’d like to contribute to making this home and community an even better one with the motivation and people skills that allows me to get things done.


Friday night is results night. How would you celebrate if you won? 

Abel: I’d thank my team. Without them, nothing would have been possible, so they will be the first ones to know how much I appreciate them. Then afterwards I might have a beer to blow off some steam!

Beth: Oooh a tough one! Probably having a few glasses of bubbly and then sleeping for a very long time! I think I need the recovery!

Portland takeover

Portland takeover

Voting closes Friday 11th March 4pm – vote here and make your voice heard! 

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