December 3, 2015, by Dushy

The George Green survival guide

It’s coming to the end of term and that can only mean one thing: coursework deadline day! As there is a completely new George Green library, this blog will give you tips on how to survive with you and your coursework in George Green 2.0.


  • George Green Café

The long awaited arrival of a café has finally come! No more running to Coates café in the rain to get a sandwich, because now you can just go down to the lower ground floor and get not only a sandwich but: paninis, jacket potatoes and Starbucks!! A little tip: try not to go there on the hour, as the queue will be huge.IMG_2037


  • Short stay computers

Printing your coursework has just got a whole load quicker and snazzier! With short stay computers and printers on every floor, there’s now no need to wander around looking for computers. Also the short stay computers on the ground floor light up!IMG_2020


  • USB plug sockets

You can now forget about bringing in the plug bit of your charger for your phone, as the library now have sockets with built in USB jacks. You are now allowed to check Instagram for as long as you like, instead of doing your coursework.IMG_2025


  • Space

No need to cram all your textbooks and lecture notes onto a tiny desk anymore. With desks around the edge of the library, there are now no restrictions with how much room you can take up.IMG_2022


  • Timeout section

If you’ve just had enough with your coursework or want to have a break from it, on E floor you can find sofas, beanbags and the famous gorilla chairs to relax (and maybe take a power nap).IMG_2027


So good luck to you and your coursework!

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