December 2, 2015, by Emma

Does your society have what it takes to survive the Hunger Games?

Since seeing Mockingjay Part 2 this weekend, and after mentioning in hunger gamesmy last blog about how the fencing society might get me out of a few scrapes in the zombie apocalypse, I started thinking about which societies would do well in the Hunger Games arena. Would the quick-thinking skills of the Improv society get them out of a few scrapes, or are the negotiation skills of the Negotiation society the way to success?

10. A Capella 

Sorry A Capella society, I’m sure your music is quite lovely, but it doesn’t really help you kill people does it? Not that that’s a bad thing, but it doesn’t really help you get very far in the Hunger Games. You’ll be gone within the first 5 minutes.

9. Vegetarian and Vegan

Okay, so vegetarians and vegans tend to know more about food than their meat-loving counterparts, which might help them in determining edible berries from poisonous ones, but I doubt there’s a lot of dairy free food inside the arena. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan for health reasons, I’m sorry but you’re gone. If you don’t eat animals for moral reasons, you’ll have to drop your principles pretty quickly if you want to survive!

8.  Improv

If there’s one thing that people who do improvised comedy can do well, it’s think on their feet. Being able to think of a whole scene on the spot might come in useful in the Hunger Games, it is a television show after all, perhaps making the Capitol laugh could keep them alive a little longer. However, improv doesn’t make you very good at fighting for your life, so don’t count on lasting more than a few days.

7. Negotiation Society

Providing they avoid the initial blood bath at the start of the games, members of the Negotiation society are likely to get a decent way through the games via persuading other tributes not to kill them and persuading Capitol members to keep them alive. But you can only get by with persuasion for so long and with no physical skills to their name, negotiators won’t too long.

6. Recreational Running

Running is really useful in the Hunger Games. Getting away from people, animals and various environmental conditions that are going to kill you is a pretty desirable skill. However, eventually someone is going to catch up to you or catch you by surprise and if running is all you’ve got, I’m sorry but you’re gone.

5. Nerf Soc

Nerf soc members at least have some experience in combat and how it works. However foam bullets and real bullets are two very different things and the jury is out on whether members of the Nerf soc would really have what it takes to kill someone.

4. First Aid Society

There’s a pretty obvious reason why the anyone in the First Aid society would last a long time in the Hunger Games arena. Not only will they be able to patch themselves up whenever they get hurt, they’re a pretty valuable ally to have, meaning you can buy yourself a little more time by promising to fix up fellow tributes. But eventually those allies are going to turn on you and a clean bandage is not going to help you there.

3. Hide ‘n’ Soc

You can run but you can’t hide in the Hunger Games arena. Unless you’re a member of Hide ‘n’ Soc. These master hide and seek players will be able to seek out the best spots to sit and wait out the games. This strategy is likely to work pretty well until you reach the final few tributes, at which point they will hunt you down and kill you, no matter how good your hiding space is.

2. JKD Kung Fu

Whilst the martial arts skills developed in this society are all about defence, it also does say on their webpage on the SU website that they don’t compete because “our techniques would be too dangerous to use in a competition format safely.” And so anything that’s that dangerous has got to come in handy in the Hunger Games.

1. Scouts and Guides

Any society with the motto ‘Be Prepared’ is going to do well in an unpredictable environment like the Hunger Games arena. With outdoorsy survival skills such as wild camping and orienteering, as well as physical combat skills such as archery, this badge collecting society has the widest range of skills to see them through right to the end. Without a doubt, if Nottingham was to hold their own Hunger Games, the Scouts and Guides society would win!


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