December 1, 2015, by Joe

4 Reasons Why Birthdays At Uni Don’t Suck

Today, as all my most loyal fans will know, is my 20th Birthday, and my second away from home. I think the reason birthdays feel weird away from home is that, for me at least, they are a distinctly family occasion. However as life goes on and you become more independent, the role of family is lessened and your friends take over as the people you see most on a daily basis. This transition is most apparent on birthdays, so I’ve tried to inform you all why birthdays at Uni don’t suck:


  1. RECEIVE ALL THE POST!- If you didn’t appreciate the simple card before, a birthday at university will sort that out. Seriously, this morning I felt like Harry Potter jumping about in my living room trying to catch one of the thousands of  letters I had received (I might have been exaggerating for effect here). The mere sight of all those cards is enough to make your day right there and then, even before you realize only two of them have money in them.
  2. No Needless Small Talk- Label me a birthday brat all you want but the prospect of seeing all my distant family all together, in the same room, asking me the same questions over and over again was always a something I considered a bit of a chore. Waking up and seeing only people you really like and have lots in common with all day long definitely beats the begrudging but mandatory family get together.
  3. A Birthday Night Out in Nottingham- A night out with friends, whether it be a meal at Nando’s or a classic Wednesday in crisis is a hard thing to beat on your Birthday. Especially when everyone wants to buy your next drink
  4. Visiting Parents- Having your birthday away from home is the perfect excuse for your parents to pop up to Notts and lavish you with gifts, meals and free food. Materialism aside it is also really nice when a parent visits on your birthday, it really helps to make the occasion special. Visitingis also a great way for someone, not just family, to show how much they care.

Birthdays, regardless of location, are made great by the people around you, friends or family and it’s these people you should be most thankful for.

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