December 5, 2015, by Antoinette Graham

3 Ways to Reduce Deadline Stress

It’s that time of year again. The evenings are darker, the days are colder, and your sleep cycle is so out of tune that you might as well be in another timezone. Not exactly ideal combined with the crushing weight of winter coursework deadlines. So if you’re feeling the pressure, try out some of the followings ways to clear your head before you give that essay another go.

1. Eat some actual fruit // vegetables

they’re colourful too!

I know it might seem unthinkable to be eating a salad as a student, but hear me out. Quick and easy to make; just chop up some veg, bang it in a bowl and drizzle some oil/dressing on it. The process of preparing it will take your mind off of work for a bit and leave you with something healthy to munch on while you work.

2. Have a shower

hopefully the water pressure will be decent

Standing under hot running water in a glass box for ten minutes can do wonders for reducing¬†stress. You’ll feel a lot more equipped to sit down and work afterward; cleanse the body, cleanse the mind. Just don’t stay in there too long or a) you’ll get pruney and b) you’ll use up the hot water and invoke the wrath of your housemates.

3. Go for a walk

insta on point

insta on point

If the English weather isn’t throwing a tantrum, get your coat and boots on and take a walk. It’s good exercise and the fresh air will be a nice change from the stuffiness of Hallward/George Green/the bombsite that is a student’s bedroom. Plus, the autumn colours are still clinging on as December takes its icy grip, so you can even get in a couple of decent instagrams (especially around campus)

So those are just three ways to help you feel just that little bit better as you sit down to complete that 2500 word nightmare. But just like all nightmares, it will pass. Whether you or I will is another kettle of fish. (I say this as I procrastinate on a piece of work three days before it’s due.)



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