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Welcome to the #GreenandGold!

We’re in for another huge year of sport and fitness on campus and you can be a part of it! At the University of Nottingham we have such a broad range of sporting opportunity that students can get involved with at every different level, with our aim to help each and every one of you #FindYourActive!

We’ve answered a few key questions that you may have about sport & fitness on the University of Nottingham campus and all the different ways that you can get involved below.


How can I get involved at UoN Sport?

Our Just Play programme offers a flexible way for undergraduate and post graduate students to try out new sports and meet new friends in a fun and friendly environment. Sessions are open to all regardless of skill or ability and with a wide range of sports to choose from, there really is something for everyone! If you already play a sport and find that your new hall-mates or classmates do as well, then you can join our IMS (Intramural Sports) leagues and play against other halls and students in a variety of different sports.

Alternatively, if you feel like a weekly gym or fitness class routine will be enjoyable either individually or as part of a group, then we have a vast number of different classes per week, all held across our different campus facilities. All of our programmes are designed to be as inclusive as possible, and we work alongside the Student Union and Disability Support team to ensure that there are inclusive sporting and fitness opportunities for all students at the University. We also have our own dedicated Disability Sport Officer (DSO), who supports students in getting involved in sport whilst at the University of Nottingham. To find out more about inclusive sport please click here.

If you are heading to the University of Nottingham and are interested in certain sports or looking to try out something new, there are over 70 different sports clubs that will be welcoming new members in September! You can find a full list of all of our sports clubs here, along with ways to contact them to find out more before you arrive. Our sports clubs offer beginner and social sessions for everyone to get involved. All of our clubs will be represented at Welcome Fair on 26 and 27 September and are eagerly looking forward to introducing themselves and their clubs.

The majority of our sports clubs also have teams that compete in BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) Leagues against other universities throughout the year. Almost every Wednesday in term time there are competitive fixtures taking place that help the University earn BUCS points towards the university’s overall standing in the league, including our very first BUCS Super Rugby fixture which is taking place during Welcome Week! Even if you don’t end up competing in BUCS Fixtures, we encourage all students to attend fixtures where possible in support of the #GreenandGold – beginning with cheering on UNRUC on 28 September!

Within UoN Sport we also encourage students to get involved within the local community through our Leadership Academy. This offers the opportunity to develop leadership skills through working with local school children, coaching fellow students and volunteering at major sporting events on campus. Our Leadership Academy team offers extensive support to help you develop your skills, including mentoring and the opportunity to gain recognised coaching and leadership qualifications.

All of these initiatives and sporting opportunities are part of UoN Sport’s #FindYourActive campaign which aims to help students find their own sporting path during their stay at the university. From beginners to experts, our facilities, programs and clubs provide endless avenues to be a part of UoN Sport and the #GreenandGold. Whether you want to gym, swim, climb or compete in one of our sports clubs – our Student Sport and Fitness Membership has got you covered and with so much on offer, we give you the power to shape your own fitness and lifestyle journey. This membership is required for students to join a sports club and access the sports facilities and is currently discounted to £229 until the 4 October 2021. To find out more about how the UoN Student Sport and Fitness Membership can unlock your sporting potential, please click here.


What do I need to bring?

If you want to get involved in any form of sport, whether that’s club level, IMS or simply using our facilities, you’re going to need active wear. Bring clothes you feel comfortable exercising in and make sure you have enough that you don’t have to do your washing every day – doing laundry is expensive!

You could even get into the #GreenAndGold spirit straight away and kit yourself out with some UoN Sport stash, available in our facilities or online at PlayerLayer. If you need sport-specific clothes such as for cycling or swimming, don’t forget to bring those with you alongside your water bottle and gym extras such as resistance bands. Again, don’t worry if you don’t have these as UoN Sport branded options are available to purchase at our sports centres.

You can also purchase a Welcome Bundle including a water bottle, lanyard, padlock and drawstring bag at the same time or in advance online today!

On a similar note, you might need to bring sport-specific equipment, such as tennis rackets, hockey sticks or golf clubs. If you are planning on joining a club, it is usually expected that you have your own equipment, but you can check with each club individually by visiting their SU page or messaging them on social media.

However, if you are planning on playing sport casually, such as through our Just Play initiative, you will be provided with any equipment needed for the session you’re attending.


What should you expect in the first few weeks?

We have lots on offer throughout Welcome Week and beyond, with a dedicated Welcome web page for you to keep up to date. Make sure to come along to David Ross Sports Village on 26 and 27 September to see first-hand the opportunities ahead of you this year.

Our 70+ sports clubs, several of whom compete at the highest university level in BUCS, as well as other national and regional competitions provide the chance for you to see what they are about with trials & tasters, so visit the fair to talk to them and find out more.

Some clubs run trials at the beginning of the Autumn term to select squads, but many welcome new players at any point – just check out each club’s individual page or social media to find out if you have to try out or not.

A lot of our clubs are running taster sessions that give new students a chance to have a go at the sport before trying out or joining the club. You can find a list of trials and tasters here.

There are a number of other events going on across Welcome, so make sure to check out the UoN Sport and UoNSU websites for full details. For those looking to get involved straight. away, you can represent your halls in the Halls Sports Day (30 September), or try out a range of inclusive sports at our Just Play Sports Festival (5 October)!


So, what should you do in your first few weeks?

To access our facilities and engage with many of our programmes you will need to become a sport & fitness member – however, students living in many of our on-campus halls will already have a membership through our Sport, Health and Wellbeing package. To find out if your membership is covered by SHWP and learn more, please visit our dedicated web page.

However, if you do need to purchase a membership, make sure to act quickly and buy your membership before 5 October to make the most of our Early Bird offer, saving you £20 on the full year price and providing the best value membership you can purchase!

Make the most of all the taster sessions on offer from our sports clubs, as they are a great way to try out a new sport or get to know members of the club and learn some tips and tricks.

Don’t miss out on trials for your sport, as although some clubs re-trial throughout the year, many clubs such as Cheerleading only have one tryout period per year.

To get involved in a variety of challenges, including walking, running, cycling and swimming, download the UoN Sport Moves+ app on iOS or Android. We have a range of prizes up for grabs, so start earning points now!

All students at University of Nottingham Sport are represented by Sports Officer Sean Nolan, who has welcomed students here. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and to ensure that you keep up to date with all things sport at the University of Nottingham, make sure to follow @UoNSport across TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Most of all, enjoy trying new sports, making new friends and getting used to university life. Remember to keep active, and get involved with as much as possible!


We can’t wait to see you around! Welcome, you are now #GreenAndGold.

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