August 12, 2020, by Charlotte Gauja

Keeping Connected in Lockdown and Beyond

While we ready our indoor sport and fitness facilities for our phased reopening later this month, we will continue to offer services to keep you fit. In this blog, we will discuss how you can best utilise these services to get the most out of your experience with us.

Health and Wellbeing Home

Over the past few months, you have seen us posting a lot of workouts, live follow-along classes, challenges, Q&As, support, blogs like this and more across our social media channels . These have collectively been part of our Health and Wellbeing Home, a hub built by familiar faces from our Health & Fitness Team and partners to provide a virtual fitness experience and community to experience together.

What has amassed to an enormous library of diverse and interactive content can be accessed anytime from our social media pages (namely Facebook and Instagram). The sessions have ranged from short high intensity interval workouts, yoga sessions, nutritional support, mental health discussion and much more. Everything on the Health and Wellbeing Home is free, accessible and does not require a sport and fitness membership.

Our best recommendation for getting the most out of the Health and Wellbeing Home is to look through the webpage and identify which types of content resonate with you most. Schedule some time in your diary to dedicate to a live workout or to watch another back later. Encouraging friends and family to get involved make it more interactive. The beauty of training at home means you can press pause if things are moving a bit too quickly, or take ideas from our sessions.

Virtual Fitness Consultations

Open and free for all of our existing members, our Virtual Fitness Consultations were introduced in May to deliver more personalised support for you. These 1-2-1 sessions consist of getting to know one of the Fitness Instructors from the UoN Sport Team over a Microsoft Teams call, confidentially sharing your health and fitness goals and what you want from the session. The consultations are catered to your needs, whether you’d like a structured programme or a quick chat to answer questions you may have about your training from a qualified fitness professional.

We would highly recommend booking in for a Virtual Fitness Consultation. Even if you’re not too sure what you want from the experience, just chatting to an Instructor can provide some guidance, so enter the session with an open mind to get the most from it and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! To find out a little more about the process, you can read another blog by UoN student and our Brand Ambassador Amie here.

Active Trail

It was announced last month that outdoor gyms can reopen, and our Active Trail stations based around University Park Campus are a fantastic tool to facilitate a complete bodyweight training experience.

Opening in 2015, we have five different jungle gym-type structures in five locations dotted around the campus. You can walk/run/cycle between the 1.7 mile trail or just perform resistance or ground-based exercises in the parameters of a single-station. Each station provides a range of equipment to grip and utilise creatively from pushing, pulling, core and leg exercises. You can find them all via the map on our webpage, where you’ll also discover some more information about the Active Trail, video links, photos and great exercise ideas.

Get the the most out of the Active Trail by visiting all five stations as each have different equipment on offer. You can get exercise ideas in advance via the Active Trail webpage or speaking to an Instructor over a Virtual Fitness Consultation. If you are comfortable using our outdoor equipment, please bring anti-bacterial wipes to clean the stations before and after use to help reduce the potential spread of infection.

We are now offering classes on the active trail, exclusively for members. Members can book these as they would by the member login page.

We’ll continue to support you from afar even when we return to our facilities. We would love to receive feedback from our online offer, as well as any suggestions for other types of content. Please contact to share your thoughts.

Bharat Samra

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