May 19, 2020, by Amie Black

My Virtual Fitness Consultation

As part of the University of Nottingham Sport’s online Health and Wellbeing Home, our fitness team are now offering virtual fitness consultations. These 1-2-1 sessions will temporarily replace the support members would have received on the gym floor or during classes with new online catch-ups. The team will answer your questions and tailor a fitness programme just for you.

Not sure if these are for you? Our brand ambassador Amie booked herself onto a virtual fitness consultation – check out how she got on below.

The Booking Process

First, the online booking process was easy to navigate. Simply visit the online booking system as you normally would when booking a class. Select ‘David Ross SV’ from facilities and ‘Fitness Consultation’ as the activity. Then, you will be able to view the timetable which shows the timeslots available for the next 7 days and which instructors are leading them. I booked my hour session for 12pm on a Friday because that time worked best for me. Each fitness instructor has up to 3-time slots available in a day. This ensures they have sufficient time for each consultation and to write-up any programs or notes needed. After placing your booking, you should receive an email invitation from the fitness instructor you have chosen to a Microsoft Teams meeting.

At 12pm I received a notification from Teams telling me my meeting with Bharat had begun. Navigating Teams was initially a bit confusing. I found the easiest way is to go to your personal calendar on Teams where you will be able to join the meeting.

The Consultation

From the start, Bharat made me feel comfortable, he asked me about my day and what I wanted to get out of the consultation. He explained the sessions could be used a variety of reasons, from asking questions to preparing a full programme!

We started by looking at my previous activity and establishing my goals. I explained my sport is horse-riding and when the lockdown is over, I want to jump straight back on the horse (excuse the pun!). We discussed my equipment and space so he could put together a tailored programme.

We established that I want to workout 4 times per week, doing mostly whole-body sessions and focussing on core and leg muscles. Bharat explained I would receive a fitness programme to follow but that I could swap exercises out if they are too hard or uncomfortable. He also reassured me I could book another session perhaps to ask more questions or see an exercise demonstration. The whole consultation lasted approximately 30 minutes.


By the end of the day, I had received an email from Bharat. This included a full fitness programme with a range of exercises and workouts along with links to video demonstrations and tips. I also received a detailed PDF that included an exercise library, workouts, and a list of questions and answers. Bharat also let me know I could book another call with him at any time. This could be useful if I need any clarification on practical demos, warm-ups/cool-downs or any other questions I may have.

I have included a screenshot with just one of the workout sessions Bharat put together for me. This session is based on whole-body muscle strength building.

Overall, the session was really helpful. It was completely catered to my personal needs and what I had available to workout with. Bharat was very professional and made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about booking a session to do it!

Key takeaway points:

  • These virtual sessions can be used for anything. From simple questions about exercises and nutrition, to building a fitness program created specifically for you. 
  • The fitness instructors are great at making you feel comfortable. They will get straight to the point and help you identify what you want to improve.
  • The booking process is basically the same as if you were booking a class.
  • The meetings take place over Microsoft Teams. You will receive an email invitation to the Teams call once your instructor has seen you have made a booking.
  • Take advantage of it – This is a great opportunity to get all your fitness questions answered and a free personalised fitness program!

Check out UoNSport’s Health and Wellbeing Home and follow this link to book a virtual fitness consultation with a member of the UoN Sport fitness team.


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