November 18, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Coach by Colour | Your questions answered

What is Coach By Color®?

Our top of the range Life Fitness IC7 bikes have 5 coloured working zones which ensure you are training at the right intensity meaning workouts are more effective and your results are achieved faster.

Coach By Color® is simple, all you need to do is match the colour on your bike screen to the colour your instructor tells you.  Coach By Color® is based on scientific evidence to take the guess work out of your workouts.

What do the colors mean?

Coach By Color® has 5 different coloured training zones which your instructor will ask you to work through. The colours are directly related to the amount of effort you are putting in, meaning that you and the instructor will know if you are working to the right level for you.

Here are the colours and what they mean;

  • White: <55% = Very Light
  • Blue: 56-75% = Light
  • Green: 75-90% = Moderate
  • Yellow: 91-105% = Very Hard
  • Red: 106-150+% = Maximum

What is an FTP test and do I need to do one?

Before taking part in a Coach By Color® session you will need to take an FTP test.

FTP, or Functional Threshold Power, represents the workload above which a person cannot sustain prolonged exercise. Once an individual’s FTP is known they can be assigned their 5 colored zones which are directly linked to the individuals FTP.

You will need to book onto a ‘Coach By Color® Scoring Session’ in the same way you would any other exercise class, you can take part in a Coach By Color® class without an FTP test but you it will be difficult to follow due to the nature of the class being colour led over resistance or RPM.

Why bother with the colours?

The colours ensure you are working in the right exercise threshold. If you’ve been to other indoor cycling classes you will know that you are asked to work through different intensity levels. In Coach By Color® you will be asked to do the same. The difference is that rather than having 1 intensity level for everyone, every individual’s colour zones will be different and personalised to them.

For example, if you are super fit your Moderate training level will likely be at a much higher intensity than someone less fit.

What is Connect®?

Connect using new technology to allow group indoor cycling classes to achieve team goals based on bike data displayed in real time on a large screen. It basically means you can work together to reach goals set by your instructor.

This technology can be used in Coach By Colour® Classes or normal Indoor Cycling classes.

Check out or exercise class timetable to find the next Coach By Color® Scoring Session.

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