November 12, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Guest Blogger | Using sport to aid wellbeing with Men’s Health Active

Men’s Health Active (MHA) is entering its first full academic year as a campaign, and as one of the New MHA Sports Ambassadors I am keen to build of the work that was put in last year, as well as feedback from the previous Ambassadors, Champions and Participants.

The end goal of MHA is to try and remove the stigma surrounding Men’s Mental Health, whilst also promoting general welfare and sport as a means to aid wellbeing. We are trying to achieve this through laid back and regular accessible sports sessions, talk shops, and occasional one-off events with the help of some of the UoN Sports Clubs. We would like for male students to feel like at university they can comfortably talk about their stresses and wellbeing and know that there is support available.

So far, the sessions have been a success, the Boxing and Football engage sessions have bought in large numbers, with both leading to more people wanting to get involved. And the MHA specific Climbing, Headstrong and Core & Flex sessions have all created a positive environment promoting conversation and opportunity to get away from the day-to-day stress of Uni Life and do something productive.

There is no pressure in the sessions, anyone of any ability is welcome to come along (I’ve been doing the climbing despite being scared of Heights). The purpose of the sessions is to get people active, offer an opportunity to try something new, and introduce you to new people.

The project is looking to always improve itself, hoping to provide as much as possible for UoN students. We would love for more people to come along and get involved, if you are interested all the information is available on our website or Facebook group! Additionally, if you would like to get in contact us feel free to email.

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Hopefully we will see some of you at our upcoming sessions!


MHA Student Ambassador

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