May 17, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

5 people you will find at Alumni Sports Challenge

On Saturday 15th June, we will be welcoming Alumni back to University of Nottingham for the annual Alumni Sports Challenge.

The day will include individual sports’ competitions run by student volunteers from our clubs as well as an opportunity to enjoy food and drink with fellow participants.

Don’t fancy getting sweaty? Not a problem! Spectators are very welcome at all aspects of the event and we hope to see as many former students as possible!

We’ve put together 5 people who we know you will find at the Alumni Sports Challenge.

  1. The person who never stopped bleeding green and gold

This person will not stop telling stories about the good old days and has kept in touch with UoN Sport every step of the way- whether it’s liking every tweet or pushing out a throwback Thursday this person will never stop bleeding green and gold. If their kids do not apply to Nottingham it could be a major deal breaker.

  1. The person who is only here for the BBQ

They claim to have an injury so aren’t playing this year, but they have come for the social aspect and are first in line once the BBQ is ready.

  1. The supportive wife on the side-lines

Bring your full family as you try to impress your children with your rugby skills… and your wife nervously watches, hoping you don’t put your back out.

Children will be entertained with the University event, Wonder, also taking place on campus this weekend.

  1. Someone with all the gear (and no idea)

They ran to sports direct once the event went live, picked up a gum shield, knee pads, brand new hockey stick and even pre-workout from MyProtein…

  1. The person who never left Nottingham

This person came to Nottingham as a sweet innocent undergraduate, decided they should do a masters, the masters lead to a PHD and they are now lecturing. They attend varsity every year and would love nothing more than an invite to challenge the current basketball team at his years Alumni Challenge.


Do you know someone who fits a description? Be sure to share it with them and encourage them to head to Nottingham on 15th June!

Click here to register – do this before 5pm on Friday 31st May 2019 to be in with a chance of winning a Fitbit Versa!


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