May 15, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

Stay healthy during the exam period

At UoN Sport we understand that exam time is a roller-coaster of emotions, you might wake up super motivated but by 10am you’re struggling to concentrate and your week old washing up is more attractive to you than turning another page of your notes.

If you get to that stage we advise you take regular breaks from your notes, have a change of scene and take time out to do the things you enjoy.

That might be…

  • Running yourself a bath
  • Walking the active trail
  • Shaking the stress away in one of our Zumba classes
  • Meeting a friend for lunch
  • Catching up with a friend in the gym with a UoN Sport free fitness pass

It’s understandable to feel stressed, anxious and under pressure during this period.

But don’t be worried if you are a little stressed; adrenaline helps you perform better during exams it helps you prepare deal effectively with potential stressful situations, ensuring that you are alert and ready. So embrace the nerves, it’s more than normal.

Our tips which could help you:

  1. Remain Hydrated

If caffeine is essential to your study, ensure you remain hydrated. Coffee is dehydrating which can have adverse effects on your cognitive function. Remaining hydrated can have a positive effect on your mood, motor skills, awareness and memory. Evidence shows, taking water into your exam can create a momentary distraction, as you take a sip of water which can break a chain of thoughts and free the mind to focus the task.

  1. Take breaks

If a break simply sipping water can help your exam performance, taking yourself out of your revision cave for a change of scene will help with your revision. It doesn’t have to be long, half an hour might wake you back up and get you ready to hit your books.

  1. Get plenty of sleep, whatever is enough or you

A good night’s sleep will help you concentrate and increase your memory. It will also help you feel more like yourself, refreshed and energised ahead of a day of revision or an exam. Participating in exercise will help your sleep, completing physical activity increases the time spent in a deep sleep?


If you would like to take a break from your notes, boost your mood and get plenty of sleep this exam period, pick up a free fitness pass* from any of our sports centre receptions.

*Fitness passes are available from 20th May until 8th June.

This allows access to the Fitness Suite only at David Ross Sports Village, Jubilee Sports Centre and the Sutton Bonington Sports Centre.

 Students are entitled to one pass during this period and no pre-registering is necessary. To validate this offer, students should quote ‘free Fitness Pass’ at the Sports Centre of their choice.

 Should you have any queries, please contact Joanne Christodoulou

 The University Counselling Service runs a number of workshops throughout the year which can support you through busy periods.

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