March 26, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

BUCS Big Wednesday Team Behind the team

Tomorrow, over 50 fixtures from 14 sports will take place at University of Nottingham for BUCS Big Wednesday. All Championship and Trophy finals will take place at on campus, This year there will be 16 #GreenandGold finalists, this is the highest number of finalists Nottingham has ever had on BUCS Big Wednesday.

With only one day to go teams are revealing team sheets on social media, face painters are stocking up on #GreenandGold, supporters are resting their cheering voices and our physio team at the Sports Injury Clinic are preparing to support the record breaking University of Nottingham athletes competing.

We caught up with Krista Van Alten, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, at the University of Nottingham Sport Injury Clinic, to find out how her team of staff and students.

How is your team behind the team looking this year? 

“We have a great group of therapists whom are very excited to be part of the Green and Gold. We will have 4 qualified members of staff and 10 students from across 3 different courses; BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Sports Rehabilitation & MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine.

A large event like this will create valuable experiences for the students working with a multitude of sports with a multitude of different medical professionals as BUCS provides their own medical support as well. For our athletes they will feel supported across the board from pre-game to game support to post vent massages and plunge pool sessions.”

 What are the potential challenges for physio BUCS Big Wednesday? 

“We have a lot of #GreenandGold teams playing around the same time. This can be challenging however with massive support of Division of Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation as well as MSc Sport & Exercise Medicine we have managed to staff every single team. The unknown on the day is always a challenge. Injuries cannot be predicted to a certain degree and therefor my staff needs to be proactive and alert reacting to whatever get thrown at them on the day.”

How have you used your experience in the field to help student physios? 

“Passing on knowledge is a passion and I thoroughly enjoy it. You can’t buy experience and working a major event as BUCS Wednesday will provide our students with exactly that. At university you will learn from text books, articles and assess your fellow peers, but in the field everything just looks that little bit different. I had the pleasure to learn from the best in my country and hope I can give back as much as I have gained year and years ago.”

What’s the best thing about supporting the teams at BUCS Big Wednesday? 

“This is what our clubs have been training for all year. It’s amazing to be part of such a tight department supporting our teams to achieve the best result possible.”


The Sports Injury Clinic wishes all the UON teams’ success in their final. If you are unsure about how to Sports Injury Clinic can support you and your team please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 0115 748 7070

You can help Nottingham triumph on Wednesday by supporting the #GreeandGold, tickets are available to purchase here.

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