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IMS Varsity 2019 | UoN retain the title after close fought battle with Loughborough

Last year for the first time since its inaugural year in 2006 UoN narrowly beat Loughborough in the annual IMS Varsity showdown.

In fairness, the gap between the two sides had been narrowing since 2012 when Nottingham increased investment in sport and last year saw that investment come to fruition. Going into this year there was a nervousness from both sides, neither knowing what to expect now the status quo had shifted somewhat.

It started almost too well for Nottingham after the first round of fixtures, taking a commanding 4-2 lead. Winning the Men’s Hockey 12-3, Squash 7-1, Tennis 6-0 and Women’s football on penalties.

A shock defeat in the badminton was perhaps a sign that Loughborough were still a formidable opponent, especially given that in the next six fixtures they still had what might be considered to be some of their strongest fixtures; Football, Rugby and Netball.

Loughborough went on to win the next two fixtures, Rugby and Women’s Hockey making it four all. With Volleyball, Netball, Basketball and Football left to play.

Nottingham took a convincing lead in the Volleyball and likewise Loughborough in the Netball taking the score to 5-5. Nottingham knew they only needed a draw overall to retain the title and seeing that the football was slipping away the focus turned to the Basketball.

Nottingham had a 10 point advantage throughout most of the game but anyone who knows Basketball knows 10 points can be overthrown very easily especially when tired legs set in. The atmosphere was electric!

Thankfully the Chinese Students Society representing the University of Nottingham held their nerve to win the basketball 61-55 and push Nottingham over the line.

Full breakdown of results:

Sport     Result
Badminton 4-5 L
Men’s Rugby Union 27-31 L
Women’s Football 2-2 W on penalties
Men’s Hockey 12-3 W
Squash 7-1 W
Tennis 6-0 W
Futsal 2-11 L
Women’s Hockey 0-6 L
Basketball 61-55 W
Netball 15-23 L
Men’s Football 0-4 L
Volleyball 2-0 W

Series drawn 6-6.
University of Nottingham retain the title as a result of their victory in 2018.

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