January 10, 2019, by Charlotte Gauja

5 Good coping mechanisms through the January Blues and Exam Period

Coming back to Nottingham in January for exams can be a massive reality check after a festive period filled with food, family and friends. Here are our top tips on coping with the stressful exam period and reality check in the New Year.


  1. Get exercise and fresh air each day

Getting out of the library and clearing your head will reenergise you for next round of study. Whether that be walking to the sports centre or exploring our free active trail in a study break you will de-stress and benefit from feel-good endorphins.


  1. Focus on your sleep quality

Once you finish study try to relax and switch off. If you are feeling too stressed to sleep, write down what is worrying you and pick it up in your next study session.


  1. Eat well and drink plenty of water…

Eating a healthy, balanced diet not only helps us look and feel good, it helps us to stay healthy. You can find guidance on nutrition here.

The brain needs water to keep working efficiently. Don’t exhaust yourself putting hours reading in without your brain working at optimal function. We advise that you aim to drink 2L a day where possible and be aware that drinking high levels of caffeine can add to dehydration levels.


  1. Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Spend your study break surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals in one of our exercise classes. Group fitness is a great way to help motivate yourself and others to dig deeper and push harder in workouts with guidance from our instructor team. Alternatively if you are a regular gym go-er but are struggling to find the energy or time to plan a workout, attend a class and let our instructors do it for you!


  1. Do not compare yourself to others

Everyone studies in their own way, some people may spend 8 hours a day reading others may spend 10 minutes watching a video. Do whatever feels best for you and don’t let watch others are doing use up valuable brain cells!

You can also find more useful information to support you through January, by visiting the HealthyU webpages.

During exams (Monday 14 to Sunday 27 January) we have 500 free stressbusting passes which will allow you to access the fitness suites at any of our Sports Centres. To be eligible for one of these passes please complete this form.


We hope this helps you remain focused this January and wish you the best of luck in the upcoming exams!!


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