January 23, 2018, by Elizabeta Ejupi

10 Reasons to switch off your Netflix and hit the gym!

Everyone loves good Netflix series – I mean what better way is there to spend the time when it’s cold (or you should be revising) than with a cup of tea and your laptop on charge 24/7?

Well University of Nottingham Sport think we have the answer – and it’s the gym. Yes really, stop hitting watch next episode and start hitting the treadmill. And here’s 10 reasons why you should listen to us…

  1. Dreaming of being as cool as Peaky Blinders’ Tom Shelby? We recommend replacing the fist fighting with some boxing pad work and the excessive drinking for a few hydrating sports drinks. Trust us, it’ll work out better in the end for you.
  2. Can’t remember the last time you saw daylight? It’s probably time to halt the back-to-back episodes of Black Mirror and jump on one of our cross trainers. Stare out the (actual) window or pick a sunnier virtual climate to stomp through.
  3. Hoping you will one day also be a kick-ass surgeon like the Grey’s Anatomy stars? Give your chances a boost with a quick workout – just 20 minutes exercise can boost your brain power according to leading scientists!
  4. Struggling to sleep after another episode of Marcella? It’s going to take you 8 long episodes to find out who did it by the way! Or wait, did she do it herself? Forget it, head down to the gym instead, it’ll improve your memory so you may figure it out!
  5. Thinking you could do with looking more like Thad Castle and hoping watching more episodes of Blue Mountain State could help? It won’t – one thing will. Reps, reps, reps people!
  6. Wondering how you’d fair against the terrifying Demodogs? Make like Stranger Things Steve Harrington (not the hair though please) and beef up your baseball swing in our free weights area.
  7. Remember when Carrie Mathison got a cold in episode 5 of homeland keeping her away from leading the war against terrorism?! Don’t let a cold stop you from finding a solution to Fermat’s equation this winter – just a 20 min HIT session can supercharge your immune system!
  8. Binge-watched another series of Gossip Girl? It’s probably time to catch up with your group’s actual drama. Grab your real (or are they?) friends and jump on our Watt Bikes – you may need to be sitting down for the latest revelation.
  9. But there’s so many different shows to get through! True – but equally there’s so many cool machines you need to try. We’ve got over 300 fitness stations across our three campus locations so there MUST be one for you.
  10. Still not convinced? No need to worry – all our cardio stations at David Ross Sports Village have Netflix installed anyway so you might as well do both right?!

So what are you waiting for?

Before you turn the laptop off, make sure you download a free fitness pass with our NewU campaign. Oh and don’t forget your headphones!

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