December 18, 2017, by Cara McIsaac-Hall

Team of the Term: Men’s Water Polo 1st

Congratulations to our Team of the Term Men’s Water Polo 1st team! After being shortlisted from 34 UoN teams topping their league, the vote was left to UoN students. Along with American Football and Women’s Football 1st team, all teams being unbeaten this term, the vote was won by Water Polo who got 40% of the student vote.

Well done to everyone on the team for all their hard work this term! This team included:

Captain: George Sadler (England Talent Squad)

Scholar: Sam Alberici (GB)

Rob Smith (National League -Hucknell)

Ali Mitchell

Pedro Osorio (London Youth)

Joe Barker (England Talent Squad)

Josh Harrdine ( National League -Hucknell)

Harry Bumfrey

Joe McElroy (National League -City of Birmingham)

Ross Broadfield

Sam Buckler

Ben Warner (England Talent Squad)

Eddie Armstrong (National League -Watford)

Dougie Walker (National League -Leeds)

Playing some tough oppositions this term such as Birmingham 1st, who they beat 11-6, the team remained in a strong position throughout the league all year. Though their toughest match was against Cambridge 1st team. With a strong start to the game and a constant interchange of the lead, which was never more than 1 goal, Nottingham found themselves 7-5 down in the final quarter. However, this teams’ spirit was not bought down and managed to fight back to a 7-7 draw and maintain their unbeaten title.

Club President Rob Smith stated: ‘The teams hard working endeavors, hitting teams hard, playing at full speed all the way through matches and utilizing every member of our team has got us where we are at this point in the league. Hopefully we can carry on as we are and go for an unbeaten year!’.

With the whole team feeling honored to win team of the term, it can only mean good things for this small but close #GreenandGold family.

Their goals for next term is to gain promotion into the Premier North League and to win a BUCS Gold at Big BUCS Wednesday which is being hosted here in Nottingham this year!

With their next match in January being against Birmingham, who are currently sitting right behind them in second place of the league, we wish you all the best of luck and hope next term is just as successful as this!

Well done to everyone in our #GreenandGold teams this term and good luck in the New Year!

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