July 13, 2016, by Kate Rothery

Staff relive childhood memories in the Staff Sports Day 2016

Although summer is technically here and we have days of glorious sunshine in recent memory, the Staff Sports Day 2016 was not blessed to experience such weather, rather, it was a day that reflected the mourning mood of the country just two days after leaving Europe for the second time this month; dark and rainy.

However when one sporting legacy seems to end another begins, taking the form of staff members from across the University to compete for the hotly contested sports day trophy, which, much like the Ashes, more than made up for its sub-par size with rich history and passion. Then, having sought refuge in the shelter of the Sports Centre, the day could begin.

Set out in a round-robin fashion the Sports Day consisted of 17 teams of 5, representing their department or social circle taking part in a whole host of childhood-inspired events; ranging from the wangling of wellies and bean bag tossing, to cherished activities such as quoits and tug-of-war. Having given their all and embarrassed themselves on space hoppers, it was time for everyone to line up for the treasured egg-and-spoon race and the comparatively contemporary space hopper race. The atmosphere and competition were electric, and once all eggs, their respective utensils and hoppers were returned, the time for score-totting had arrived. You could tell just how invested the teams were in the sports day when all participants took their seats much like they would have many years previously: wide eyed, bushy tailed sitting anxiously cross-legged.

Wooden spoon first: We Mean Business. Gracefully taking the title of last place and knowing it was all in the name of taking part, We Mean Business received their applause and in the end didn’t seem to mean too much business. However, the rest of the teams did not share the same sentiment and without any hesitation, third place was called…going to The Moodlers. Receiving a little more than We Mean Business, The Moodlers collected their medals. Second place…: Amazing Sporty Divas. Then finally, first place…: The Economics Tigers! Holding the trophy high with medals around their necks, the team posed for their winning photo. And as people made their way home, it was clear that everyone needs a little sports day in our lives.

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