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July 8, 2016, by Laura Estrop

Tri Campus Games 2016: the results are in…

By Hannah Webber

Back in early June, 180 students from Nottingham, China and Malaysia  came together under the heat of the Malaysian sun to compete over four days and eight sports for the Tri Campus crown. A few weeks down the line and all of the University of Nottingham students have had time to digest their experiences of the 2016 Tri Campus Games 2016.

Although acclimatising to the heat and humidity took a few days for Team UK, it didn’t seem to affect the performances on the pitch and from a spectators perspective, there were some exciting games to watch and cheer on, against the amazing backdrop of the local rain forests.

Students taking part in the Games embraced the opportunity to use sport as a way to make friends and embrace new cultures. One of the UK students commented:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time there not only because I went with friends but because their hospitality made it impossible not to make new ones. I gladly stand with the slogan #friendshipthroughsport.”

The four days of sporting competition was broken up by a day out in Kuala Lumpur to visit some of the city’s top visitor attractions, including Batu Caves, the food markets and the iconic Petronas Towers. It proved to be a fantastic cultural experience, which added to the overall enjoyment of the week.

The Student Union’s Sports Officer, James Bramley, who was one of Team UK’s Assistant Managers, shared his experience of the Games:

“I’ve been at the University of Nottingham for four years now and the eight days  we spent in Malaysia  was by far the best experience I’ve had. The weather, the athletes, the performances and the trip was impeccably run and a memory that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

The closing ceremony held at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus’ very own Trent Building, saw medals handed out to all of the teams who participated and “Spirit of the Games” awards were given  to those who had gone the  extra mile and truly embraced the “Friendship through Sport” motto.

The most highly anticipated result was saved until last, with the overall winners announced by the hosts Malaysia. Team UK came away as overall winners, with China finishing in second position and Malaysia in third.

Although Team UK will probably say that it was an amazing to win Tri Campus Games 2016, the overriding memories will be about being a part of an amazing sporting experience and the friendships that were formed. Thank you to the University of Nottingham for providing this opportunity!

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