June 14, 2016, by Hannah Webber

Kicking off Tri Campus Games in style

Written by Will Stanley from Team UK, Football team

Having now settled into Malaysia with the other athletes there is one thing that definitely comes to all our minds – it’s well hot, maybe too hot. The Malaysian weather does not mess around, even the rain here tries to batter you. Despite this, I have never experienced a more beautiful view when playing football and to have the opportunity to play in a place like this is really quite surreal.

The opening ceremony saw all the athletes from the three campuses come together to officially begin the games. We were treated to some stellar performances from a member of staff Dr Gita as well as collaborative performances from members of the Tri-Campus Arts festival, which highlighted just how rich and diverse The University of Nottingham is. While sitting in a room with 300 or so athletes, watching an authentic Malaysian musical performance, I really got the sense of being a part of something far bigger than myself and I’m sure that all the athletes would agree that to be even a tiny part of such an extraordinary event is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As for the actual sporting side of the trip, Team UK are off to a brilliant start. With victories coming in the Women’s and Men’s football, Ultimate Frisbee and Women’s basketball, the competition has really come to life. Throughout all the games there has been a mutual respect and genuine joy for the sports from everyone involved and the support on the sidelines has been fantastic thus far. I look forward to not only playing my own sports, but also watching Team UK in other sports that I would otherwise have no real exposure to.

As a final note I would like to make a huge shout out on behalf of Team UK to the miracle that is 100 Plus. This drink has, quite literally, saved many a life out here in Malaysia in the extreme heat and helped us on to one hard fought victory, so far. Other drinks are available.

To follow the action from University of Malaysia campus visit the Tri Campus Games website or search #TCG2016.

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