June 13, 2016, by Laura Estrop

The Tri Campus Games are back and bigger than ever

By Ellie Hill, Team UK Volleyball player & flag bearer

Who would have thought that after playing Football since I was six years old, I would be jetting off to the University of Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus, to play… wait for it… Volleyball!

That’s right, Team UK are in Malaysia competing against Team China and Team Malaysia at the annual Tri Campus Games.

Each of the three international University of Nottingham campuses sends 60 students to compete in the annual Tri Campus Games: a week of sport, friendship and cultural exchanges. There are eight sports ranging from Basketball, Football and Tennis, to Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee and Squash. Every student participating in Team UK has earned their place from being voted in by their club or winning an IMS tournament earlier in the year.

So now players have arrived in Malaysia and, after reflecting on the hours of training and preparation that have gone into this competition, are raring to go and bring home the win for Team UK.

However, the Athlete’s Oath remains in everybody’s mind with emphasis on the motto “Friendship Through Sport.” We all know participating in sport brings people together so, as well as being excited to bond as a team, we are ecstatic to meet students and staff from China and Malaysia, get to know them and form strong relationships over the next week.

Personally, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity, sport at the University of Nottingham over the past three years has helped me do what sport does best: bringing people together forming life-long friendships, relieving stress and ultimately helping me find myself.

And as I’m sure like most of the final years going, I think this is the perfect opportunity to give something back and sums up the fantastic reputation sport at the University of Nottingham has.

‘I shall compete to the best of my ability and to the honor of my team, respecting the rules under which I compete, the officials who support the competition and playing at all times in the spirit of true sportsmanship. As a student of the University of Nottingham I look forward to competing at these Tri-Campus Games: to Friendship Through Sport.’

TCG Opening Ceremony.jpg2

To follow the action from University of Malaysia campus visit the Tri Campus Games website or search #tcg2016 on Twitter. 

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