Megan Douglas

February 18, 2015, by Lee Chrimes

The road to BUCS Nationals: Megan Douglas

With the BUCS Nationals, one of the key events in our performance sport programme taking place this weekend in venues across Sheffield, we wanted to bring you profiles of some of the sports scholars representing Nottingham – first up is judo star Megan Douglas, who will be competing Saturday in the Women’s Individual and Sunday in the Women’s Team events.

So where are you from?

Essex, England, but currently studying at the University of Nottingham.

Which martial art(s) do you do?

Jiu Jitsu, and more recently Judo and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

How long have you trained and what belt / rank are you now?

I started Jiu Jitsu around 7 years ago and I am currently a Shodan (1st degree black belt). In Judo I’m a 6th kyu.

Why did you start?

It was my younger brother Conor who started first in order to gain a bit of confidence, but the instructor, Sensei Ian Arbon, reckoned within two weeks of watching from the side of the mat I’d be desperate to join in – and he was correct!

Do you prefer to use your hands, feet or another body part to strike?

I prefer a good combination of kicks, punches and other strikes. Elbows are always very lethal, but a good combination of kicks can build lots of momentum and create a lot of space.

Favourite technique?

My favourite technique is no doubt a body drop throw (tai-otoshi in Japanese), because it’s a “no messing about”, “gets the job done” throw which enables you to utilise your opponent’s forward momentum to multiply your strength. It’s a clean throw with loads of opportunity for a variety of grips, too – it’s really versatile.

In your own opinion, what is your most dangerous weapon?

Your face. Your facial expression gives away so much – if you’re feeling intimidated, aggressive or upset. Both on the street and in competition, maintaining a calm composure and strong facial expression can give you the upper hand over your opponent.

List any titles or competitions you have won.

This year I won three Gold British Championship titles in the sparring, random attacks and weapons kata categorie,s as well as a silver and bronze medal at the same competition.

I also gained a gold medal and three bronze medals at the United Nations of Ju Jitsu Congress and four gold, a silver and a bronze medal at the Wakarishin and Ko-Korokai International Championships.

Most recently I gained a gold medal at a British Universities Judo Tournament, and am currently training for the 2013 British National Championships of Ju Jitsu and the 22nd United Nations of Ju Jitsu National Congress which will be held in South Africa.

Credit for all my achievements goes to Sensei Ian Arbon (6th Dan) and the rest of the instructors and students at Wakarishin Ju Jitsu Association, and my personal blog can be found at

You can follow all of the action from the Nationals through the UoN Sport Twitter, Facebook and blog, as well as the official BUCS website for a live feed of results, photos and videos. Also keep an eye on the BUCS Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages for updates across the weekend.  

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