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February 16, 2015, by Lee Chrimes

H2O + workouts – better equations

by Indy Bamra from the University Park Fitness Centre

Whilst exercising we lose high volumes of water through sweating, and it is very important to restore this water during and after the session so your muscles can repair and, as a result, become stronger and prevent dehydration. You need to be sipping water during your workouts as it gives your muscles oxygen, allowing you to push yourself more, perform better and give 100%.

Grab a bottle

A large per cent of our body is made up of water – well, about 60% of it really. We need water for:

  • digestion
  • absorption
  • circulation
  • creation of saliva
  • feeding nutrients to the body
  • helping to maintain a balanced body temperature

Working up a sweat

Exercising in the hot weather can be a very daunting idea, but as long as you drink water at least every ten minutes or so, you will keep your body temperature down and your muscles will be able to get stronger.

Go to the gym for a drink

Many people say they ‘just don’t have enough time’ to drink water. I am also guilty of saying this, but I’ve realised how good I feel after drinking lots of water throughout the day. I try and drink at least 1 litre before, during and after a gym session just so that I am restoring any water that is lost through sweating.

Making time to drink water is vital, and more than anything getting yourself into good habits such as a having a glass of water as soon as you wake up will encourage your body to get into a routine, therefore, you won’t be feeling bloated or sick when you drink plenty of it.

Get that water HIIT

Doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will make you burn fat, so don’t forget that Evian bottle! Drinking water during HIIT also helps to increase your metabolism and you’re allowing your muscles to get stronger. Keep going!

Why not book one of our HIIT classes today at the Fitness Centre to really push yourself in the gym and push your daily water intake?

Water cocktail

I sometimes find water can get boring, so I often prepare a water cocktail consisting of:

  • water
  • ice cubes
  • lemon wedges
  • cucumber slices
  • a handful of mint leaves

It’s not just refreshing – it has many health benefits, and just tell yourself you’re having a healthy Mojito! Lemons help detox your body, cucumbers are good for rehydration purposes and the mint leaves aid stomach problems. Come on, take a sip!

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